domingo, 23 de agosto de 2009

"The Three Parcae"

"The Three Parcae" 2008 Sta_Cruz - Portugal

A work in progress as a butoh performance...
When all the souls had chosen their lives according to their lots, they went before Lachesis (lachos= one’s special lot or portion of fate). And she sent with each, as the guardian of his life and the fulfiller of his choice, the genius (daimon) that had been chosen…Lachesis leads the soul to the second of the 3 personifications of destiny, klotho (klotho=to twist by spinning)… under her hand and her turning of the spindle, the destiny of the chosen lot is ratified, his karma. Then the genius again led the soul to the spinning of Athropos (Atropos= not to be turned, inflexible), to make the web of its destiny irreversible by cutting the umbelical cord for one to be born and the strings of life when one's time is over.
The law of rythms...

The Butoh Performance: search a small video of a rehearsal in Youtube ""

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