domingo, 23 de agosto de 2009

G.I. JANE´S : this is a government issue.

G.I. Jane's.... performed by kitsune & hanamiche 2009 Sta_Cruz - Portugal

An "agit-prop" project that recalls the image of Rosie the Riveter, the american ícon of II World War, where art is the form of feminine emancipation and liberation...

"We proclaim life as a work of art"
"Yes, We Can"
"The body is the door"
"We will listen with the sight and skin...we will cover ourselves with eyes"
"We soaked our hair with ink and wrote on the walls"
"To keep the soul and the body together is equal to remain alive"
"To live and not to survive"
"What do we really do with the time that is given to us?"
"We buy there for we Are?"
"Protect us from our desires"
"How aware are we?"
"How do we know? We dont..."
"It's never too late to become what might have been"
"All the time I was doing this I was thinking of you"

Most of our "propaganda" phrases are taken from women artists statements but not only...some of the most inspiring ones:

"The extrareligious sacredness is created by the triangle of Love, Poetry and Rebellion. (Octávio Paz)"
"We are all born poets, untill they get you... (Charles Bukowsky)"
"Must I create a sistem or be enslaved by another men's?! (William Blake)"
"Spread joy, love and confusion"
(Henry Miller)

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